Friday, February 1, 2008


I have hit a wall with the second chapter. I need more research materials and will be heading out to the bookstore as soon as they open. I can only do so much research on line. In the end I like to hold paper in my hands while I am reading.

Is anyone else having problems using the blogger spell check? Apolagies all around for the spelling in the last few posts.

Many Doc appointments and dance classes this weeek. Here is what my first Dandelions In Summer look like after a week in the wating room

I am very pleased. The colors are much brighter in real life. It is pretty cloudy here today, I will try another picture once the sun arrives. The pattern would be perfect if I would have knit it toe up. But me, toe up? No thank you. You may remember that I pulled out one whole sock (size 11 men's) and the second sock up to the heel becasue I could not bear to do another short row heel. The ends had been woven and everything. I hate short row heels that much.

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