Friday, February 1, 2008

show me the money

Well, Oldest Daughter has applied to 4 colleges. She has one more on her list and should get that application finished up this weekend. Now for the really hard part. You guessed it, the money. So the scholarship search begins. It is all so much work. I do not remember it being this much work when I was looking for a school, &*&*years ago. I took the SATs (aced them, thank you very much), and I applied to one school. I do not think I had to pay an application fee. Soon after I applied I got a fat envelope in the mail asking me to chose a dorm. Painless.

Oldest Daughter's experience is VERY different. She chose 5 schools based on a couple of college fairs and a small forest's worth of solicitations. She had to get references from 3 teachers. Those references had to be in sealed envelopes and the teacher had to sign across the seal. Then there were transcripts from her high school and 2 colleges. Her high school credits are mostly homeschool credits, which makes for a whole new set of forms. She had to submit personal statements as well as essays. On top of all this there were application fees for each college ranging from $55-$100! Holy crap.

4 of her college choices send out acceptance letters in March. The one she wants to attend the most, sends their letters out in May. I am praying to God that she does not have to accept anything before the May letter arrives.

I need another glass of wine.

Sorry about the spell check.

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Tan said...

At the grad school level it's acceptable to let them know you have been accepted at a, b, and c, but would prefer to go to X, and would they please let you know before the deadline of the #2 school.