Monday, February 18, 2008


Spring has arrived here in Seattle. We are having a bright beautiful weekend. There will be rain all week, but temperatures around 50 and no more night time freezing. It feels so wonderful to be sitting in the sun. The next non-rainy weekend will be spent preparing the deck, bringing out the furniture and potting new plants. That is one of my favorite weekends of the year, full of anticipation.

Look what else has arrived

my intentional bean. It is very appropriate because I plan to spend the whole day writing.

I had planned to spend the whole day writing, Husband through a wrench in my plan. He is at work and I need to make arrangement to go pick up some plants and drop off some baby stuff. Before I pick up the plants, which are being rescued from a co-workers yard, I have to go to the nursery to buy pots and dirt. Of course I can not lift anything, so I have to wrangle kids into helping. This is going to take hours, so much for writing all day. I am mad because I have to do this and guilty for feeling mad because of the long hours Husband has been working.

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