Friday, February 29, 2008

i love the mailman

I just ordered the sock yarn for my March sock club. I think the waiting is harder when you know what is coming than when it is an actual surprise.

We have a great mailman, he has watched the kids grow and delivered an untold number of birthday packages for them. He brings packages to the door a few times a week and never complains. He has never suggested we get a bigger mailbox. From time to time he will ask what is in the box. Today was a good day. Today he brought this

Dragon Fibers fiber club Merino Bamboo.

It feels like cotton candy. I do not need to spin or knit it, just wrap the whole braid around my neck.

Webs Skein of the Month. This is Merino and silk. It is so soft, perfect for a scarf. No way it would ever even think about being scratchy.

The color is deep and wonderful and not me. My Mom will love it. I have stashed it away in the present drawer for her.

The package also included a pattern and a nifty surprise. This yarn retails for $35.00, lasts month's yarn would have cost me $24.00. The cost of the club is just over $100 a year. Totally worth it! If you join now the cost is prorated. You should join.

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