Sunday, March 2, 2008

a perfectly nerdy evening

Tonight, Husband and Oldest Son are battling it out in a game of Axis And Allies, They have been at it for hours.

Oldest Daughter returned from her shift volunteering at the local museum, to meet a schoolmate. They are using the garage to make arrows for their Archery class.

The whole crew convenes around the dinner table and proceeds to have a conversation about Lord of The Rings that is truly amazing. Truly amazing. These people know their stuff and they are having a great time talking, and talking, and talking...

It is nerd central at The Rockin' P.

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Tan said...

We are a family of nerds, too. My grandkids, right down to the 4-year-old, laughed hysterically all the way through Pirates of Penzance on Friday. They were ready to watch it again when we started it over for late-arriving guests. I was astonished and gratified. Our kids loved it back in the '80s when it came out on videodisk. Another generation bites the dust.