Friday, March 28, 2008

oh canada

When Husband left for work this morning it was not snowing. 30 minutes later when I rolled out of bed, it was not snowing. 2 hours later when Oldest Daughter came upstairs, it was not snowing. We decided to go for it.

First stop, the grocery store for road trip supplies. You know the ones I am talking about, chips and red vines and the like. Second stop, the gas station. As we are leaving the gas station is begins to rain, there is a bit of snow mixed in, but just a bit. We make a decision to get on the freeway and see what happens. If it starts snowing we can always turn around.

There is a lot of rain/snow mix, this does not worry me. Once we get north of Everett the rain stops and it is just snow. It snows lightly for a few miles then stops. I am fine. 15 minutes later it snows again for a few miles and then stops. I am OK with all of this.

We drive right through Bellingham, all is well. 2 miles out of Bellingham the snow starts. Real snow. After a few miles it does not stop, in fact it gets heavier. I can hardly see. At some point we realize we are driving along side the ocean, but can not see it. This is bad. We find a diner and have some lunch.

Lunch is spent looking out the window and wondering what the hell is going on. It is the end of March and we are right next to the water, how can it still be snowing. It is too late to turn around, we are practically at the border. We eat our lunch very slowly and hope for the best.

The best happens! The snow lets up, we travel on to the UBC. We take a walking tour of the campus and remain dry! Cold, but dry.

It snowed again on the way home. At some point I thought about stopping and grabbing a hotel for the night. Talked myself right out of that. I was going home, no matter what.

While in Canada I realized that I am an American Idiot. I used to think only the Hummer driving, bomb dropping, Bush lovers were American Idiots. I am afraid I had more than my share of head shaking moments today.

First, we are waiting to cross the border and I see a construction sign for the Douglas Crossing. Douglas Crossing? That sign must have been erected by mistake. Turn the corner and there is another sign for the Douglas Crossing construction. What is the Douglas Crossing? This is the Blaine Crossing? Duh! It is only the Blaine crossing if you are from America. I felt so stupid.

We cross the border and see a sign that says Vancouver 50 km. This means nothing to me. 50 km could be around the next corner or 2 hours away. I felt so stupid.

About 10 miles later I realize that I have entered a foreign country, with a cell phone that may not work, with only a vague idea of where I am going, and it did not even occur to me to bring map. Oh yeah, I am that kind of idiot.

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