Thursday, March 27, 2008

not yet

Earlier I tried a post at Typepad. I was happy up until the final spell check. The spell check made my pictues and typing all wonky. More work needs to be done.

I moved over to Wordpress to try the same post and was immediatley stymied by the photo link. I guess I need to use Flickr with Wordpress, not a bad thing, just an unexpected thing. More work needs to be done.

Tomorrow - Friday - Oldest Daughter, Youngest Son and I have planned to drive up to UBC. We made these plans before the weather decided to snow, in Seattle, at the end of March. In case you skimmed right over that last sentence. Snow, Seattle, March. If it is snowing when I wake up, I am not driving anywhere! Which really is a shame because I authorized Oldest Son and Youngest Daughter to host a Rock Band party while I was scheduled to be gone. If I am here, I have to listen. OY!

Today Youngest Daughter informed me that Passover begins April 19th. I had not even thought about Passover. Considering that we have a dinner for 18+ to plan, I had better get busy.

Blogger's spell check seems to be down, again. I will not swear, OK, I did swear, but I will not share my swear with you. Please be kind with my spelling.

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~RaenWa~ said...

LOl yea I know can you believe it snow in March I am not a happy camper I hate snow to be honest I hope it goes away & stays gone