Sunday, March 16, 2008

a winner!

amysue is the winner of the 2000 anniversary skein. Miss amysue, I do not have an email for you, can you please email me with your address? If you would rather not send that info via email, I am dandelion on Ravelry. Congratulations to amysue and THANK YOU to everyone who checks in from time to time and keeps me typing.

What am I doing tonight? First, I am going to do a little writing, I have something in my head that I need to type out. Then, then I am going to put all my stash up on Ravelry. Husband is out of town. I had planned to do this the last time Husband was out of town, but he took my laptop. This time, he has his own laptop. So late tonight, or tomorrow, you will be able to see my stash, in all its glory. I have to admit that there is not too much of it, but it is all good.

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