Monday, March 17, 2008

stoic guilt

I was on the phone with my Mom this afternoon. She began the conversation like this.

Mom-“What does a person who knows about spinning wheels know about a distaff? Or, would a person who knows about spinning need a distaff?”

I explain what I think a distaff is for.

Mom – “So maybe this person could afford to purchase the $25.00 distaff at some point in the future?”


Mom – “Now, what would a person who knows about spinning think about the color choices of clear, maple or mahogany?”

I am laughing pretty hard at this point.

Mom – “No wait, let’s talk about your house remodeling. You put in a wall of built in bookshelves. What color did you stain the shelves?”

I painted them red.

Mom- “Perhaps a spinning person could be surprised?”


Oh my. I do not know what to think. A month or so ago she asked if I had purchased a wheel. I explained that it was more of a “some day” type of goal. She replied that I should talk to my Grandma about it, because my birthday is coming up. Before you start to think that I am a youngster because I can ask my Grandma for things, let me inform you that not only do I have one Grandma knocking on 100, I have two!! Anyway, I would never ask my Grandma for such an extravagant gift. Especially after she said she would be gifting Oldest Daughter a laptop to take to University. Looks like my Mom took the spinning wheel and ran with it. I am torn by feelings of unworthiness and guilt. It is the specialness of growing up Norwegian AND Jewish.


Tan said...

Enjoy your guilt. If you can manage to feel guilty enough about your birthday presents, maybe you won't need to feel guilty for the rest of the year.

Eileen said...

Now that's an interesting ethnic mix!

emma said...

A wheel?!? What a great gift.