Thursday, March 27, 2008

einy meenie miny mo

Thank you for your advice. I have registered Knit & Nosh with both Wordpress and Typepad. I will play with them both and see what happens. Whichever is easier and has the best Help section will probably win out.

edit to add

I spent about half an hour setting up Typepad. Pretty painless. The hardest part was learning the lingo. Lingo I should already know, but have managed to avoid.

I then moved over to Wordpress, but did not spend too much time clicking around. I am having issues with the word Blogroll. Yea, its stupid, but the word bugs me. I will head back over later in the day.

Meanwhile there is work to be done. So pesky.

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Tan said...

You know when you're a writer when you reject an option because of syntax, grammar, punctuation . . .