Monday, March 31, 2008

simple is good

After a morning of research my brain is numb. It has occurred to me that I have spent the past 6 months cramming by brain full of new knowledge. Colleges, International Study, Non-Dairy Cooking, Computers, Blogs, wonder all I want to do is knit simple things.

The latest simple thing

Sock Pixie, #1 DP’s. One sock all done, the second at the heel.

We in our household are not good consumers. The living room chairs and sofa are hand me downs. The dining room furniture too. Come to think of it, everything but the mattress’ are probably second hand. We do not replace things, we fix them. We are conscious of the resources used to make things and we usually decide we can do without.

So how did it happen that we are about to have 5 laptops in a 6 person household? The last holdout being only 9 years old. And how crazy is it that we all need to work on computers just to get our stuff done? The kids for school, Husband for work, me for writing.

I know not everyone reading this blog is of my age, but the fact that I am sitting in bed, typing to a world connected by the internet is amazing. I remember the first time I saw a computer. It was housed in a 10’ by 20’ climate controlled room and it did not do squat. 30 years later and everyone has a computer that slips into a backpack. Wow.


Tan said...

Your computer situation is a little like my husband's. Years ago when his brother wanted to computerize their insurance submission process (small medical practice) Paul was really opposed. But right now he has four laptops in his closet and one at work, and has his eye on the Airmac.

~RaenWa~ said...

Great socks love the coloring well at least you rather fix something & save cash then go out and blow it..I agree with you on the computer thing lol its just me & mk here & we have 5 computers 3 desktops and 2 laptops 2 of the desktops are hand me downs that just needed little things fixed we each have a laptop him for school and me for bills and all the other crap lol

Jen said...

Love the socks...great colors! Jen (who is commenting on a new laptop while sitting on a hand me down couch...)