Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?
I have an ñ in my last name. To get Word to insert this character I use a keyboard shortcut. Fn and Alt the whole time, then 0241. When you lift up your fingers the ñ magically appears. Unless you inadvertently hit another key at the same time. In that case your display goes all sideways on you. The hardest part about your screen being sideways is that your touchpad mouse will not do what you want it to do. After 20 minutes of holding my computer sideways while trying to make the mouse work so that I could fix the problem I was getting a little nauseous. Now that the problem is fixed my brain is still having mouse issues.
Ah, technology.


Tan said...

How often do you type your name? If you can get your computer to "remember" a lot of forms (Firefox does) maybe you could just have the n-tilde on a Notepad page and do a global search and replace using that every time you need to put it in. Or something. Or get a Spanish keyboard? That's an option. My daughter broke her laptop keyboard and the geeks where she got it replaced gave her a German one. It was Not Too Helpful.

Elysbeth said...

Time to figure out the shortcut to zap it back. You know this will happen again.

Technology, it's wonderful.