Friday, April 27, 2007

happy birthday to me

Its my birthday and my April Rockin' Sock Club kit arrived to help me celebrate!

If your kit has not arrived then whatever you do, do NOT scroll down. There is a picture, a big one.

The yarn is soft and lovely. The colors are perfect. It will spend the weekend on my desk, basking in the sun and being stroked from time to time. mmmmm

At the moment I have 2, count em', 2 socks on needles. One is the design I am working on. Last night I needed to knit but did not want to pay attention to what I was doing and write things down. So I grabbed some Cherry Hill Tree from my itty bitty stash basket, and the Rock n Weave pattern and relaxed.

The Rock N Weave that I made from last year's kit were given away. Actually every sock from last year's club was given away. The only thing I kept were the cute little key chains. I began every project thinking how much I was going to enjoy wearing these socks. But soon after I began, the yarn would tell me that it would be much happier at _____'s house. When the yarn talks, I listen.

My birthday will include a phone call to Blue Moon where I will order this and this and this and maybe I can talk them out of one of those clear plastic bags on their home page?


Tan said...

Happy birthday to you . . . .
Happy birthday to you . . . .
Happy birthday dear Terri (Tristan chord)
Happy birthday to you!

You know there was a Blue Moon bag with a, er, moon on it at one of the shows; L-B found a picture on it. It wasn't a nice heavy bag like the one in the picture of course.

crzjane said...

Happy Birthday. Enjoy all that beautiful fiber.