Monday, April 9, 2007

tighter than a lug nut

I seem to be doing just as much ripping out as knitting. My gauge has changed. Yarn I have used before is knitting up small. Last night I had to rip out Husband's socks. I have used the same yarn, same pattern, same size needles to make this pair before. Now, too tight. Could it be stress? That is the best guess right now. It makes me worried to cast on anything new. While I do not mind frogging, this is the third sock I have had to take out and I am getting a bit tired of spinning my wheels.
Then this arrived from Tan. MMMM Behold its lovely Lime and Purpleness. This stuff is gorgeous and I want to wind it and get started right now. Husband is still waiting patiently for his new socks. I keep having him try on socks only to have him watch me rip it out. This is not his color. Maybe I will let this skein live on my desk and pat it from time to time to remind me to loosen up.


Tan said...

That was funny. I saw the yarn on your blog and thought, "I have that yarn." Then I thought, "No duh." It's the same thing as when I was trying to get a sliver out of my hand and looked at it through a magnifying glass and freaked out because I had this huge thing in my hand.

Terri said...

Tan, you are so funny!!!

LOVE your Potamus. I know that is not the right name, but it is the name I said to myself the first time I saw the pattern and now I can not remember the real thing.