Tuesday, April 24, 2007


International members have begun receiving the April Rockin' Socks Club kit. Someone from Germany has great pics on her blog. Yes I looked. I know many people are upset about the whole spoilage thing. Not me. Seeing yarn on the computer and then holding it are very different experiences. After viewing pictures I am even more anxious for my kit to arrive. With any luck it will be in time for my birthday, Friday.

I finished painting the wall yesterday. No pictures are currently available. This wall is not so much a wall as windows with trim. Whole thing, more square feet of window than I can measure becasue I do not have a ladder that reaches that high. So yesterday when I tried to take pictures they were just a big blob of darkness. I tried again this morning while it is dark. No good. I will try one last time after the sun is up, but before it peeks over the trees. There is certainly a way to take a pitcure in bright light, but anything other than AUTO requires that I actually read the manual for the camera. Please.

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Tan said...

I'm with you. I peeked at Uta's pictures. It's like ordering things online; you see it online, then you order it, but when it comes it's always way cooler. Well, usually way cooler. I have bought some duds online.