Wednesday, April 18, 2007

just say no

Tan asked how I am decreasing my stress level. Pharmaceuticals are not involved.

I am a volunteer. This time last year I was putting in 20 hours a week, easy, at 4 different jobs. Now I am not the kind of person with 20 extra hours a week just laying around. I am also not the kind of person who says yes to things because they can not say no. I only say yes to things I really want to do. But 20 hours a week? It was a snowball from hell.

Last fall I let people know that as things came to an end I would not be continuing. As of the first Monday in June I will be down to one job. Knowing I am a few short weeks away from freedom has changed my whole outlook. The one job I am keeping? Day Camp Director. I LOVE day camp, and while it is a lot of work, the work is not a constant daily grind.

I did not finish the Bordello socks yesterday. We had a bit of sunshine in the afternoon and I got outside to pull weeds and plant some deck pots. Boy are the backs of my legs sore this morning. I did not get out in the yard one single time last year. (See workload above.) Now the porch planters are all trimmed, weeded and sporting some new flowers. I also yanked all the weeds out of the cracks on the stairs leading up to the front porch. Also replaced weeds with flowers along the side of the stairs. Just that little bit makes the walk up to the front door so much nicer.

Because our house color is a bit, um, atypical, it draws a lot of attention. When the yard is neglected it screams pothead. When everything is tidy is says artist.

More tea or a nap? The eternal question.

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Tan said...

You're right. "No" works.