Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I am trying not to go back to sleep. Most days Husband gets on the bus a few blocks from our house, at an almost reasonable 6AM. Sometimes I get up when he leaves, sometimes not. When he is busy and has deadlines looming he needs to take the 4:45 bus which is a few miles to the east. That means I am up and driving at 4:30AM. When I get home I am awake. I have breakfast, read the paper, check mail, knit, listen to the birds waking up, its all good. But at about 7:30 I am ready to go back to sleep. 7:30 is not a good time to be going to sleep, it is almost time for the rest of the house to be up. So I make more tea and hope my body adjusts sooner rather than later. Husband tells me it will be ugly until the middle of May.

The heel flap has just been started on the second Bordello. I should mention that I have been working very hard at knitting loose. Even with my new found looseness I needed to alter the pattern. 60 stitches was too tight while trying the sock on over my heel and instep. I increased to 68 stitches. How? The pattern has a number of straight stitches in between increases and decreases. There are 8 of these sections. I added one extra stitch per section. They are perfect.

My stress level reached its peak a couple of weeks ago and I am now on the downside. 6 more weeks and I am home free! I am actually looking forward to playing in the yard this summer. Something I was not able to do at all last year, I was just too busy.

I am feeling so optimistic that I may decide to plan a party for the end of May. I love parties!

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Tan said...

What is decreasing your stress level? Can I have some?