Friday, January 25, 2008

details, details

I had planned to make the Invisibility Shawl my next project, I spun the yarn a couple of months ago. Now I am bored with that idea. Maybe as Halloween nears I will be in the mood? So what next? I am thinking Bee Fields. I do not have the yarn, so a search begins.

A couple of people asked about the sock club. The Sound Socks club is of my own making, just for me. It works like this. Once a month I find a sock yarn I have never tried before, in a colorway that I love, and make arrangements for it to come to my house. Sometimes the mailman will bring then, sometimes they will be chosen from a LYS. When I purchase this yarn, it is only this yarn, not part of a larger stash enhancement purchase. That keeps it special. Choosing colors I love means I do not have to feel guilty about not knitting up the variegated neons. I also do not need to spend a lot of time knitting the purple yarns only to have them end up in my give away pile. It helps if the color I chose gives me a good pattern idea. From time to time I may include a doo dad, cause that is always fun. I realize as the year rolls on that it may become more difficult to find yarns I have not knit in colors that I like. I will find a creative way to deal with that when it happens.

Now you have all the information you need to start your own Sock Club For One. Knit on!

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