Sunday, January 6, 2008

first goals of the year

OK, goals for the year...

1. Become a Writer.
This goal is very personal and highly subjective. It has nothing to do with being published, but has everything to do with learning the skills needed and allowing myself time to do the work.
2. Say goal #1 out loud and often.
3. Help Youngest Son become a fluent reader and confident writer.
4. Write Grandmas once a month.
5. Garden.
6. Find someone else to be Twilight Camp Director. ~ still undecided ~
7. Finish Faux Russian Stole.
8. Learn to play the concertina.

This is a good list. I do goal lists throughout the year, it helps keep me moving forward. There has already been action related to the list. I purchased Office 2007 so that I can actually save files AND retrieve them. I have been fighting with the 97 version for just over a year. Enough already. Then there are the online writing classes I am taking. Not so much content as grammar and structure. This will help with both basic skills and my mindset.

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Tan said...

Get Writer's Market if you don't have it already. It gives you such an "I can" feelings.