Friday, January 18, 2008

not a winner

I did not get into The Loopy Ewe sock club. Disappointing to say the least. So no sock clubs at all for me this year. I wonder if it will effect how many pairs I turn out? I wonder if I will miss the clubs, or feel free to make my own sock of the month club? Treating myself to a new and different yarn, and maybe a doo dad every month? That has potential.

All prescription pain medications have been stopped. They were freaking me out in so many ways. Yeah, it hurts like hell, but I would rather deal with the pain then the side effects of those meds. I start physical therapy on Tuesday. God I hope it helps.

Yesterday I did something scary and completely out of my comfort zone. I met a friend for coffee. (that is not the scary part) I love this person and our families work so well together. She is a Writer. The "has published many books and gets paid" kind of Writer. So, we were talking and she asked if I had ever thought about writing. I confessed that I had. She asked about my ideas and thought they were great. She then invited me to join her Writer's Group. My first reply was a polite maybe. But she is persuasive, and before I knew it I was asking what time I should be there, and saying yes to adding my name to the email list. So this is it. I have said my goal out load and stepped onto the path. OMG

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Tan said...

You are smart to join a writer's group. That's how Amy Tan honed her skills.