Friday, January 4, 2008

a funny thing happened on the way... buy a spinning wheel. I talked myself out of it.

The family did not give me a wheel, as I expected. Instead they told me to go pick out a Concertina. A Concertina is another something I have been wanting. Another expensive something. I am excited to go out and find a nice squeezebox. Most of the instruments I play are woodwinds and this will be a fun addition.

Now, my Grandma (yes, I still have BOTH my Grandmas) wrote me a check for $500.00. That does not quite cover the cost of my wheel, but its close enough to send me running to the computer to order one. I did not do it. I have spent the last week spinning. I had some frustration because I was trying to spin a thicker yarn and my spindle did not seem to be the right tool for the job. I thought about buying a new spindle, or buying a wheel and decided a could collect a good number of practical spindles for the price of a wheel.

Is there still a wheel in my future? Yes! But I would like to wait a bit. I am in no hurry. Right now I am spinning for specific projects or practice. I do not need the speed of a wheel. I can wait. I will however be purchasing a lazy kate and bobbins for plying. I will be able to use those items after my wheel comes home. I also purchased a new spindle. MMMM Good.

Could I be having a fit of denial? Will I change my mind next month and hit the ORDER button? Only time will tell.

Resolutions are coming, really.

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