Wednesday, January 9, 2008

looky here

The MRI was fine. The calmest 30 minutes I've spent in longer than I can remember. Results in a few days.

Even though I skipped the last Loopy Ewe Sneak Up, there have still been fiber related purchases.

My new Lazy Kate

It is a Kromski, in Walnut. No more trying to ply using toilet paper rolls and a laundry basket. Woo Hoo!

Spinning goodness from Dragon Fibers

Banded Iguana is a 50/50 Merino Tencel blend

The Rhubarb is BFL. I talked myself out of ordering a 2nd braid of the Rhubarb. I wish I had not, it is lovely.

So, I had planned to spin Pie In The Sky as a single for socks. Now I have to make it a 2 ply so that I can take the new kate for a spin.


Ginger said...

I almost bought the rhubarb at St. Distaff's Day, now I wish I had since it's all gone. May have to ask Emma to Dye up some more. =)

Terri said...

Hello Ginger,
If you want some Rhubarb, and I want some more Rhubarb, I bet Emma would dye some up for us. Maybe we can ask her to do it as soon as she is unpacked?