Monday, January 7, 2008

fresh off the spindle

My day began at 6:30 AM with the sound of the recycle truck in the neighborhood. The truck is not suppose to be here until lunch time. Here I go, wool coat over the jammies, Dansko without socks, into the cold to bring the bins to the curb. Husband had done it last night. All that panic was pointless.

That panic was followed by the stress of a new Dentist for Youngest Son. Our regular dentist recommend a Pediatric Dentist because there were some issues at his last appointment. I was at that last appointment and I can tell you that Youngest Son's reactions were justified. We left the office knowing he would not be going back.
Anyway, new dentist. Son is scared and they would not let me back with him. What is up with that? So we arrive home and I call Orthodontist for his recommendations. He gives me a name, I check the newest guys website and it sounds like they do not want parents with the kids either! Can someone please explain this?

I have always been able to sit with the kids. Even if they did not need me to be next to them the whole time I was able to walk around and peek at them and see how things were going. So I need to see if I either Dentist will make an exception. Tomorrow.

Today is very busy and I need to let go of the whole dentist thing until tomorrow. Here is a nice picture.

This is what I have been spinning this week.

This is just short of 4 ounces of Faulkland. It is just short of 4 ounces because I was so sick of the colors I could not make myself spin the last little bit. This was not for a project, just practice spinning. I gave myself permission to be done.

The roving was ordered online. The colors are not what I would ever spin or knit. It was good practice. I was trying to spin a thicker yarn. The yarn will reside on the CD shelf as a place holder.

When we finished the built-in shelves, the alphabetized CD's needed spacers. I separated the CD's with balls of yarn. It looked nice, but not quite right. Over the past few months I have replaced the balls of yarn with skeins of handspun. It is like my own little fiber art gallery. If you have the space, I highly recommend it.

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Tan said...

In my experience, pedidontists don't want you back with your child because they don't want you to suffer by seeing him strapped to a papoose board so he won't smack the dentist. I don't know what the answer is. The papoose board is safer than anesthesia, at least physically.