Thursday, January 3, 2008

new year, new blog

Here we are, 2008. My 1 year blog anniversary. WOW. What a year it has been. When I began I did not think I would be able to keep a blog for one year. I did. When I began I did not think that people would read the blog. They did. Now? Now what?

90% of the past years content has been knitting related. This will change. I finished an amazing number of projects last year. This year I will be doing a lot of spinning (still spindle) for larger knitting projects. Progress will be slow and boring to everyone but me.

I have this whole vegan/non-dairy/vegetarian/MSG allergy/carnivore household cooking thing going on and it requires a fair amount of brain cells. Some tasty stuff has been coming out of the kitchen. Still working on pleasing more than 50% of the people at any given meal. I will share the good stuff.

Oldest Daughter will be going off to university this year. OMG. This also requires brain cells, but at this point I am denying the cells that need to be allocated. I figure I can put of off until acceptance letters arrive.

Not only is Oldest Daughter going off to University, but Youngest Daughter has elected to attend the local public high school. AAAHHHH. Can you please scream with me? AAHHHH. Yes, the local public high school is a "good school". People perform all sorts of perjury to get into this school. Still, it is a public high school, with 1800+ kids. I am very apprehensive while trying to be supportive for her.

The boys are great. No taxing issues at all from them.

I have a big New Year's Resolutions list. The biggest one ever. Should I share?

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Tan said...

That is funny that we picked the same new look. But they don't have a lot of choices! We will just have to personalize them.

I vote to see your resolutions. I only have one, which is lose weight so my blood pressure and insulin are normal by this time next year.