Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here is what is cooking for dinner this week.

w/ sauteed greens on the side

Vegetable Cassoulet with Biscuits
This is a time intensive dish but so worth it.
I use whatever veggies are in the house and the biscuits bake on top of the stew.

Big Salad
homemade bread
In our house a big salad is a large bowl of greens surrounded by many bowls of assorted vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, hard boiled eggs and avocados.

Fruit Salad
I substitute the pastry crust with sliced steam potatoes. The filling is eggs, smoked cheese, red peppers and a green vegetable. I think it will be peas this week.

Lasagna, vegan style
1 pan plain, 1 plan with zucchini and sauteed greens
I LOVE my vegan lasagna!

This weekend I am off to camp and the family diet will go all to hell. There will be much bacon, hot wings and ice cream consumed. But it is OK, I do not have to cook or eat it.

If you want a specific recipe just ask and I will type it out.

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