Tuesday, January 8, 2008

no thank you

Last night I received a Loopy Groupie email alerting me to a Sneak Up. Know what I did? I hit the delete button. I feel so proud. Like I just said no thank you to my drug dealer.

This morning as I was sitting in Doctor's waiting room I was composing a blog entry about rest and how I hate to pay good money to have someone tell me to rest. I thought it would be funny to ask Doctor to write a note to my insurance company so that they will pay for the replacement maid and cook and teachers. Oh and a shofer would be good too, because it hurts like hell to drive. Boy do I wish that was the end of the whole thing.

Turns out I have Sciatica. I had x-rays today, an MRI is scheduled for tomorrow and I will begin physical therapy as soon as the MRI rules out surgery.

I am having a tough time with the whole thing. For one, I am not old enough to be old. And 2, of all the adjectives I have for myself, fragile is not one of them. I hate that my whole lifestyle has to change. Pisses me off actually. GGGRRR.

Tomorrows MRI will take between 30-90 minutes. And I am pretty sure I will not be able to knit while in the tube. Too bad because I am coming to the end of this.

I am planning one more medallion/sand dollar repeat and then the edging. I might have enough yarn for 2 more repeats before the edging, but I do not want to travel that "might have enough yarn" road, too stressful.

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Tan said...

I need to start hitting delete on those Loopy updates; and then empty the trash.