Thursday, August 23, 2007

ch ch ch ch changes

Oldest Daughter's shawl came out very well.
~insert picture of Wide Triangle using Mustang Sally~

Now I have begun 2 sock projects. One of them is Mariner socks for Oldest Son.
~insert photo of manly Mariner stripes~

They will be a Hanukkah present. Because they are a present I do not want him to see me working on them. When I hear him about to enter a room I quickly shove them back into my bag and pick up a different sock. So far it is working.

I took a peak at the spoilers for this months Rockin' Sock Club. It is cute and will only take a few days to knit up. Holiday knitting is going well and I think I will stick with that before this kit.

This year's Rockin' Sock Club kits are not doing it for me. Last year was great. This year is so-so. I am contemplating not renewing next year and trying to get in on Loopy Ewe's club instead. Of course Loopy Ewe's club is much smaller. It is possible I will end up without a sock club next year. I guess that is OK too.

I really want to get my hands on some Wollmeise.

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Tan said...

You have the loopy blog on your bloglines, right? If you are a loopy groupie and you read her blog right away you should be OK. It's true, the kit we just got was so cute, and I can't share because I am selfish. Plus it made Sheri mad last time.