Monday, August 13, 2007

go ahead and jump

I finished Grandma's flap top mittens. I need to block them before I take pictures. No, I have never blocked a pair of mittens before. These mittens tell me they will look oh so nice after a little soak in water and an afternoon on the deck.

Today I took a trip to Weaving Works for another skein of black Koigu. The first 2 skeins were purchased a month ago. Luckily for me they had one skein left in my dye lot. The new order they had on the shelf was very black. The skeins I have are pretty black, with enough variation to be enjoyable to knit. I will probably finish Plain Ol' black sock for Husband tomorrow.

While at Weaving Works a couple other skeins jumped into my basket.

Dad will be receiving the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. I had ordered a yarn from Loopy Ewe for his holiday socks, but when it arrived the color I thought was a dark green/brown is in fact purple. My Dad is not a purple guy.

All is not lost. I think Mother will enjoy the original skein.

And this.
This is the emergency car knitting. For about 2 years I have kept a cotton bathroom project in the car, just in case. It works great. I have made a couple of hand towels for my bathroom and a washcloth for the kids bathroom. This will also be a washcloth for the kids bathroom. No hurry, it just sits in the car for the days when you do not expect to wait for _____but find yourself turning off the ignition and cursing yourself for having left your knitting bag on the table.
At some point this week I should receive a package from Green Mountain Spinnery. The Rockin' Sock Club may arrive the following week. Knit, knit, knit. I better keep busy or someone may accuse me of having a stash.

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Tan said...

That guy color thing really irks me. I was convinced that Paul would like a scarf knitted from the Philosopher's Stone "Peru" (the skein that Che mangled." But to him it's a girl color. Well, tough for him. I'll knit it for myself and he can just have a cold neck.