Sunday, August 12, 2007

there was a great big moose

Friday morning I found myself sitting at the dining room table, making swaps, singing the Moose song and it hit me. It was the last day of camp. I have to admit I was sad then, and I am sad now. Maybe if camp ran for 2 weeks? I know, that is crazy talk. I am the only one who would volunteer for a 2 week camp.

Camp this year was great!!!! We shook things up and tried many new things. 120 girls in camp, 14 girls off site, 23 Program Aides (high schoolers) and 29 adult staff. Everything was wonderful. All that is left is to have a Thank You dinner for the adults.

Oh, and the garage. The garage is a mess during camp. Things going in and out of the van depending on the day. Now all supplies have been returned to me. I need to sort, purge, inventory and stack into as small a space as possible. I have tried to find someone else to be our Equipment Manager. People volunteer, but then realize it is more work than they had in mind and it all returns to my house. This year I am excepting that it is all mine to deal with. I am a fine purger and I should be able to condense things quite a bit. Husband is understanding about camp week, but oh so happy to have his garage back.

Today we went to the Medieval Fair. It was not what I expected. At 9 bucks a head, that is $54 dollars for our family, I expected BIG. It is small. The play at the end of the day made me feel better about the money spent. Also, they only took money, cash, green stuff. Luckily Husband had some cash in his wallet. Usually neither one of us carries cash. The blacksmith was great fun to talk with. No spinners :-( I was really looking forward to talking with them.

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