Sunday, August 5, 2007

easy as pie

I finished a pair of socks and forgot to show them off.

The are knit from Fleece Artist Sea Wool, Hercules.

I love the colors. I love the feel of Sea Wool. I am keeping these. OK, I have already worn them.

The pattern is a simple cable and rib. The first sock was made with Knit Picks needles, the second with Crystal Palace Bamboo. The second sock is a bit tighter, but only because I am Knitter. They feel the same when worn. I did the cables down the leg then kept the ribbing pattern on the heel and the foot, without the cables. A really nice effect. I am thinking I may do that with other socks.

Right now I am almost finished with a flap topped mitten. These will be for Grandma. I found a pattern that made sense when I read it, but turned out to be crap when knit. I kept the join method used for the flap and designed a new pattern for the rest of the mitten. As soon as I finish I will post pictures and the pattern.

Last night the Girl Scouts had an Aquasocks overnight. The Aquasocks are the Rookie Ball team of the Seattle Mariners. I have to admit that I enjoy going to the Minor League games WAY more than the Major Leagues. So last night there were a couple of sections full of Girl Scouts of all ages. We watched the game, we ate junk food, we saw a great fireworks show and then we pitched our tents on the outfield! There were games and visiting and card playing. So much fun. There was a contest for the best decorated tent. We, as a troop, are not decorators. We are however food lovers. So we skipped the decorating and instead gave the judges homemade blackberry pie. The blackberries were on the vine that very morning. MMM. It worked. We received the prize for Best Bribing of a Judge With Pie! Of course there is a cool patch.

Because you all know, it is all about the patch.

Tomorrow is the start of Day Camp. YAHOOEE!!

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