Thursday, August 30, 2007

slip sliding away

Those of you who had been reading this here blog know that I am not a Yarn Ho. I do not have a large stash, or even a desire to have one. I pretty much hit the yarn store when I have a project in mind. If by some chance I do succumb to a pretty skein, it will be knit up into something before too long. I think last night I may have crossed the line.

Dream In Color is a wonderful yarn. It is soft and cushy and the colors are beautiful. I have knit a pair of socks for Husband with Smooshy and a pair of Flap Top Mittens for Grandma using Classy. I LOVE it. I can not get enough. Apparently I am not alone because the only LYS that carries it is out and Loopy Ewe has been out and I have been left wanting, wanting.

Tonight I tripped upon a Sneak Up at Loopy Ewe and I ordered 4 skeins! Yes, me, 4 skeins! Do I have a single project in mind for any of them? No. I did take the time to ask Husband if he thought a particular colorway was dark enough to wear with black pants. Then I clicked that colorway and another besides. 4 skeins! It is a slippery slope my friends.


Jana Ames said...

I too had to get some more Smooshy sock yarn from Sheri, but FYI Jen at just received a shipment and she is putting it up Monday. It's in her woolgirl blog. Both Loopy Ewe and Woolgirl are my "pushers" they are so nice and the yarn, oooh the yarn.

Tan said...

Yes, Dream in Color is so addictive. The colors and the feel. I am addicted to both Smooshy and Classy.

Terri said...

Thank you Jana Ames for the new pusher!