Friday, August 24, 2007

getting to know you, getting to know all about you

I am one of the lucky ones and was able to join Ravelry months ago. I began to put things up right away, but was sidetracked. I am back at it. This evening I have added a couple of people to my Friends list. At first I was not sure I should be adding people. I mean, Tan, sure, I feel like she is my friend. But who else? There are blogs I read and comment on, shops I frequent. Are those OK to add to my Friends list. I added a couple but am now wondering if I should take them off.

Books will be the easiest to add. It is a click and drag sort of thing and I think I will do that next.
OMG, I just finish my library. I have an embarrassing number of books. There are even a few I had to leave out. Does anyone else out there have a library like mine?

After books will be stash. Stash is small, but I will need to learn how to work the Flicker and Ravelry together. Finished projects will take longer. Pulling them out and photographing may or may not happen. Lastly I will get to patterns. Considering that I am still working on writing them down, that may take awhile.

So who is on your Friends list? Am I being too sensitive?

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Tan said...

So does the library have a limit, other than books they don't have in their data base yet?

Re friends, I clicked on people from SnB even though I only went twice; I'm on their email. I clicked on people whose blogs I read regularly and comment on; and I clicked on a couple of podcasters. I have thought about clicking on people who show up in my neighbors list, but when I check to see what projects we have in common it's always either STR club or Cookie A. things from Knitty so I haven't clicked them yet. I suspect I'm more likely to pick up additional friends through the groups. And pick up more groups through seeing what groups my friends are in. I don't think I should join Sheepless in Seattle, though.