Sunday, August 26, 2007


The daughters had an ultra-fabulous time at Disneyland. Oldest Daughter went to bed right after dinner. Youngest Daughter talked and talked and talked about every ride. She talked in the car on the way home. She talked through dinner. She talked while we had a fire on the deck. At some point I realized that her words were slurring, she sounded drunk and needed LOTS of sleep. Now she sleeps.

I spent this afternoon at the airport. FYI, Sea-Tac is not in Seattle. It is south of Seattle, in between Seattle and Tacoma. For those of us that live at the north end, a trip to the airport is like a trip to hell. Only in hell I imagine good music and tasty things to eat. At the airport you get crap.

So here I am am, up late, researching schools for Youngest Daughter. I am tired and switch to blog checking, and it hits me. I have not checked the mail toady. Pitter patter across the street and there it is, the new Rockin' Sock package. It has been sitting in the box all day. Pics tomorrow, I am a spoiler.

The camera is home, Yahooee!

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