Friday, August 31, 2007

where am i

Well, we made it. Both of us. While I was writing a big fat check, Oldest Daughter was given a list of instructions for post surgery. Then they took her back. I was fine. I had tea and knitting and a new Seattle Metropolitan magazine. I took a break from knitting and picked up the post surgery papers. Mistake. The first thing listed was bleeding, and then oozing. "Is it getting hot in here?" I stopped reading and began scanning. Stitches? Dry sockets? That was it. Woozy, I set the paperwork down and hoped for the best.

The surgery went well. I was expecting to be in the waiting room for about an hour and 15 minutes. It was under an hour when they told me they were starting to wake her up. Boy was
that a mess. Loopy and numb and disoriented. Poor thing. We made it home and she was a trooper. Me? I was a trooper too. I actually took bloody gauze from her, twice. Big stuff for me.

By the afternoon she was done with the numb, happy to have an assortment of pain relief drugs and insulting her brother. She is going to be just fine.

While in the waiting room I did this.

Almost the entire foot was knit while waiting. I finished the toe this evening. I am not sure I would ever wear something like this. But I made it to fit my big Sasquatch foot, so I suppose I will wear it as some point.

You know you have been living in the Pacific Northwest a long time when you can spell Sasquatch correctly.

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Tan said...

I'm glad you survived the oral surgeon. My older son is very squeamish. When he was a little boy he had to be immoblized for every procedure. Once I took him up to Tulane to try to find out the cause of his headaches. It took three residents to hold him down to have his eyes dilated (sorry, I hope that didn't make you cringe). One of them said, "I sure feel sorry for Dr. Summers." Not his department, but the kid had rotated through OB-GYN at some point in his career.

You ruffly sock looks great. I think I will wear mine to OFFF. Only I hate pointy toes. Some day I will remember that and just knit a short-row toe to my own specifications when I do top down. But I am not going to redo them, my mental state being what it is. If I weave in ends on two baby tulips I will get more endorphins.