Sunday, September 2, 2007

i should be sleeping

I received an email tonight from the Loopy Ewe, I have a $25.00 credit. Woo Hoo! Now I will wait patiently for the next sneak up and Wollmeise. I have not yet received my last order from Loopy Ewe, it does not matter, it is all Dream In Color and none of it is slated for a project. I really will work on that.

Last night we went to the Aquasox game. I brought the Mariner sock with me, but did not knit a single stitch. It never even made it out of the bag. I may be having some issues with these socks. First, it is very hard to knit a present for someone who is living in your house. Yes, he does get out, and I get out, but still, the whole timing thing is hard. Also, this sock is a plain ol' tube between a cuff and a toe. The stripes were fun at first, but now, I am bored. To top it off I know that at the end of this tube will be an after thought heel. ( I keep typing hell instead of heel, it must be a sign.) This is a new thing for me. The first time I try it may not give me the best results. Swatch you say? Yeah, a little practice is probably a good idea. UG, I hate the thought of practicing, I just want these socks to be done.

I really need to snap out of this. No need for my bored karma to be passed along with the socks.

Tomorrow is a trip to Fort Casey. My first thought was that the ferry traffic heading home will be awful. But I did not say anything. Everyone seems to be looking forward to the day out. Husband will make breakfast while I pack a lunch, it should be great fun.

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