Wednesday, September 19, 2007

avast ye matey's

This is how my day was suppose to flow...

Wake up at 5:30, write a little, knit a little. Wake up Oldest Daughter at 7. Orthodontist appt from 8 - 9. Come home and relax the day away.

This is my day as it flowing...

Wake up at 7 only because Youngest Daughter's alarm clock is buzzing. Shit. Wake up Oldest Daughter and put water on for tea. Give Oldest Daughter a super strength Motrin and head out to Orthodontist.

Today was braces day for Oldest Daughter. The braces were scheduled to take 1 hour to put on. 2 1/2 hours later she was ready to go home. Poor thing.

I take her home then head to the store for her requested ice cream flavor. While she has lunch, I manage to do a rack of dishes, and spring, sproing, 2! of her brackets pop off. I called Orthodontist to let him know we would be back when they reopened at 1.

Back at the orthodontist they commence trying to replace the hardware. Oldest Daughter's teeth are not a run of the mill braces case. Orthodontist is the finest, most experienced orthodontist in the Seattle Metro area. He has been practicing for 30 years and Oldest Daughter is the worst case he has ever seen! Anyway, they are back on, but will need further adjustment. She was in serious pain so they stopped for the day.

Back home I gave Oldest Daughter a Vicadin - left over from the 6 teeth Oral Surgeon pulled 2 weeks ago - and sent her to bed. Poor thing.

Then it was off to Costco to return/repurchase clothes Husband had picked out in the wrong sizes.

As I left for Costco I let everyone know that when I returned I would be "in for the day". My 4 favorite words in the whole English language. Those words let the rest of the house know that taxi service for the day has ended and any requests will have to be met with their own feet power.

Upon returning home, I began to relax. I put water on for tea then heard a rapping upon the front door. Opened the door to find my next door neighbor. She had blueprints in her hand and began asking if I was planning to attend the Architectural Design Board hearing at 7pm. Shit. Yes, I will be there. Better get dinner made.

The day before we closed on this house I was greeted with a piece of mail that told me the large wooded lot across the street was going condo. We fought hard for 3 1/2 years. We even won a couple of rounds. Tonight, it is done. Yeah, we may have some say over the details, but as fast as the developer can get the permits, construction will begin. Shit.

I need to get that bamboo planted along the side of the house and I may actually have put blinds on the back windows.

It is 10:15 and only now am I "in for the day".

Cross your fingers tomorrow is a bit smoother.

The only bright side is that I finished a sock and began another. No, not Mariner Sock. Mariner sock was worked on yesterday while in the waiting area of the doctor's office and through a dance lesson and before bed. It is taking the day off. Today was Smooshy day. Yeah! Smooshy.


Tan said...

Poor oldest daughter! I found that the best pain reliever for newly adjusted braces was hot french onion soup.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

I'm sorry your day was so shitty. We ran into the same problem with building when we lived in Sacramento. There was a huge field right across the street from us (we lived in a cul-de-sac sort of in the country), and we were in constant fear that they were going to build. It was bad enough that houses were going in all over the place and taking away our views, our huge ancient oaks, and driving away all the wildlife. I understand that people need housing, but geez... go somewhere else and leave my cows alone.

I hope today goes much better for you. Tell Oldest Daughter that the braces aren't forever. I wore them too, and it was hell, but I survived. She will, too. Just keep the Vicodin coming, and if her teeth get too painful, get a cotton swab and some whiskey, and dab her gums really well with it. It works better than any of the numbing shit on the market.