Wednesday, September 26, 2007

baby knitting

A few days ago I was at a meeting and had the chance to try a new kind of tea. It was yummy and I went looking for it at the local grocery store. I found something similar, but a different brand. So that is what I have been drinking the past 2 days. This morning, as I was pouring hot water over the bag the tag fell into the pot. In fishing it out I see that it says "decaffeinated". ACK! How did I manage to do that? That explains so much about the past couple of days. I will be replacing it with the high octane variety at the earliest possible moment.

Last night one of Youngest Daughter's dance teachers told her she was pregnant. This is very exciting. Yeah, they get a new baby and all that, but for me it means that come spring I will be knitting wee baby things. Oh how I love knitting we baby things.

When my children were little I did not know how to knit. I did not know how to cook or clean either, but that is another post. So when people around me have babies it is very exciting.

Those of you who have little people running around your house probably do not get this. You enjoy making little sweaters for your children, blankies, socks and what not. Not imagining there will be a day when that cute little foot will grow to a size 12. And I do not mean toddler size 12, I mean big smelly man sized 12. Not only do socks for teenagers take a major time investment, there is always a 50/50 chance that they will throw them into the washer and dryer after the first wear. Knitting for young adults is not something to do lightly. 3/4 of my kids are teenagers, on their way off to college, one right after the other. I have years ahead of me before a teeny tiny little foot comes into the house. I am in that limbo stage. That limbo stage still needs babies to knit for. That is why those of us in it present you with handknit baby gifts above and beyond the call of duty. We can not help ourselves, be gentle with us.

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