Monday, September 17, 2007

spinning and goodies

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever knit.

What makes it so beautiful? The yarn was spun by me. This is the second yarn I had spun. It is my wrist distaff for spindle spinning. The first thing I spun is sitting on my desk. It makes me so happy to look at the little skein.

Now I am working on the Dragonfibers Candy Corn roving. It is spinning up nicely and I think there will be enogh for a pair of fingerless mitts.

Now for the goodies.

These are from Nytefalle Designs, they are sugar skull stitch markers. I am confident that no other knitter in my circle will have them. I love that they are handmade and unique. They do not photograph well at all, at least with my basic type camera, but she has good pics on her site.

This is from Messie. It is the perfect size for a pair of socks in progress. Nothing but good things to say about this bag. I will be ordering a couple more simple bags for myself and a deluxe version as part of Mother-In-Law's Christmas gift.

Finally, the Dragon Scarf kit from Morehouse.

The green is much darker than I expected. The instructions are a bit murky. It is going to take working it up to understand what they mean. Husband does not think Youngest Son will wear it. I think he is crazy. What 8 year old little boy wouldn't love a dragon scarf? I am at camp the last weekend of the month, this is the project I will take with me. I think it will work well for social knitting.

Tomorrow, sock progress and the gift card purchase from the LYS.

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Jess said...

Your handspun is great! Its so even! Your son will totally wear the scarf, and if he doesn't- well- there is just something wrong with the world.
Thanks for liking your bag! Its always great to hear good things. Don't worry, more bags will be up soon. I am going to sew some tonight actually...