Thursday, September 6, 2007

mmmm smooshy

Here are the completed Summer of Love Lace socks.

They are very cute and I would knit them again in a less busy yarn. These promptly went into the back of a drawer. Youngest Daughter seems to have inherited my Sasquatch feet so they will sit there until she is ready for them. Maybe next Hanukkah.

Yes, the kids expect hand knit socks for Hanukkah. This year two of them are getting socks and two Dragon Scarfs. They will all be happy.

Speaking of Hanukkah socks. I did manage to add a couple more sets of stripes to Oldest Sons Mariner Socks. If I sequester myself in the bedroom this morning I should be able to finish the toe today. Then it is afterthought heel time. Which I assure you has not been an afterthought during all this knitting. It is front and center in my mind.

While not hiding away knitting holiday socks I will cast on this.

This is the Cocoa Kisses from Dream in Color. Oh my, so lovely.
The socks will be for Husband. I will add a little stitch pattern, have not worked that out yet. A swatch or two is probably in order. Yes, he gets a new pair of socks, but I get to wrap my fingers in Smooshy!

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Tan said...

I'm interested that your flower power cuffs came out in stripes. Mine were sort of a wash of diagonal color; or something.