Thursday, September 13, 2007

yippe & bummer

I just scored a cute little sock knitting bag from messie. No, this is not the bag I have saved for my September writing/knitting goal reward, that is bigger. This bag is similar to the GoKnit bags except the fabric is really cute. The Go Knits bags are a nice size and all, but at $20 and in obnoxious colors, they are not for me. Messie's sock bags range from $10.50 for the basic to $18.00 for the stand alone. Check it out.

I missed the last Loopy Ewe sneak up. I am very bummed. I have a $25.00 credit sitting in my Inbox and I had planned to buy some Wollmeise and Wendy's Making Tracks sock pattern. No. Maybe some more Dream In Color? No. Now the credit is just sitting there, lonely, forlorn, waiting for the day it can be useful.

All the tents are dry and packed. People picked some up yesterday, I would like to have the rest out of the garage by the weekend.
Actually, I do not care if they tents are in the garage, but Husband would appreciate his workspace to be free of Girl Scout stuff. Poor guy, he finds more Girl Scout stuff stacked in his workspace. He has offering to build shelves for me. I have resisted. I kept thinking it would only be there for a few weeks, that soon it would be going to someone else's house. Talk about denial. Just last week I agreed that shelves would be the best thing. As long as I am Day Camp Director I am stuck with bins and bins full of camp stuff. It is not going away.

Knitting pictures? Sure.

First up is Retro Rib for Husband.

LOVE Smooshy. The pattern was originally printed in Interweave Knits, you can now find it in Favorite Socks. This will be the third time I have knit the pattern. It will not be the last.

Next up. Roza's socks.

On the needles it has a circumference that looks like a toddler size sock.

It is really stretchy. If they are done in time they will be a birthday present for Youngest Daughter. If not, they will go into the back of the drawer and be given to her at a later date.

The yarn is Claudia Handpainted colorway Carousel. It was my very first Loopy Ewe purchase. What did I do before I found the Loopy Ewe? I think it was Tan that led me to them. THANK YOU TAN!

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