Monday, September 24, 2007

stick a fork in 'em

They are done. The Mariner Socks that I did not want to knit.

The only reason I finished them now, instead of putting it off until the week before Hanukkah, is because they were my UFO for the Ravely group Pens and Needles challenge. I can not find the ball band, which is unfortunate because I hate this yarn and hope never to meet it again. The splitiest thing ever made. Bamboo has nothing on this stuff. The plus side is that Oldest Son is going to LOVE them.

Now that those are done I get to cast on this.

It is just 220, but the red is so red. They will become Log Cabin Socks for Husband's Hanukkah present. Gorgeous.

And spinning, do not forget the spinning.

MMMM Candy Corn.

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