Friday, September 21, 2007

what i did today :-(

Are you ready for the stupid thing I did today?

I finished spinning the DragonFibers Candy Corn. Really lovely fiber, can't wait to spin more. I spun it, wound it onto the niddy noddy and then put it into the sink for a soak. See anything missing here? Once in the sink I swished it around, pushed out the air bubbles and then walked away to let it rest. Anyone, anyone? I picked up the yarn , squeezed out the water and plopped in onto a towel. As I picked it up it hit me. I did not tie the skein before I took it off the niddy noddy!! AH! How could I be so stupid? Stupid, stupid , stupid! I did the best I could to straighten things out. It is resting. Me too.

To add insult to injury, I am ready to buy these, click to chose my size, no, not in my size. GGRR

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