Wednesday, September 5, 2007

mr postman

Look what the mailman brought me yesterday.

oops, you are probably not interested in the textbook shipment. What about this.

Dream In Color Smooshy.

Cocoa Kisses

Giant Peach

November Muse

Happy Forest

I took these pictures at 5AM, using a flash, so in real life they are a bit darker. SO yummy. Now I need to finish up the Summer of Love Lace sock so that I can cast on some Smooshy wonderfulness. Shouldn't take too long.

1 comment:

Tan said...

I love Smooshy,
I love Smooshy,
I love Smooshy,
I could do with a little bit more.

I ordered all the brown colors but have misplaced one. Bother. Wait, let me check the computer room closet . . . Oh, the missing yarn was a Classy. I still need to order one more brown smooshy. I have Cocoa Kiss and November Muse, but Chinatown Apple is to die for, too.