Monday, September 10, 2007

i'll deal with it later

I knew that I wanted to make Dragon Scarf's for 2 kids. I have been putting off ordering the kits becauce I am not that fond of the color choices they offer. Their dragons are solid green. In my mind a dragon is blue and green with some sparkle. So my grand idea was to order a kit, use the yarn provided for socks, and then buy some dragon colored yarn for the actual scaves. Only it turns out that the kit does not come with enough yarn to make a pair of saocks, I would have to order more, which wouldd make this particular pair of socks pencil out at $40+ dollars. No way! So I ordered the dark green dragon kit. Youngest Son will be happy with green and I will look for something with a little more pizzaz for Oldest Daughter.

Why does it cost $6 to ship a ball of yarn and a piece of paper? Thus adding 25% to the cost of said yarn and paper?

The afterthought heel came out just fine.

I used the instructions in the Twisted Sister Sock Workbook. They suggested picking up the sticthes for the heel using 2 circular needles at least 1 size smaller than what was used for the project. I knit the socks on size 1 DP's. I do not have size 1 or smaller circulars, so I picked it all up on the DP's. That made it much harder. If you are going to try this at home definitely use the circulars (if you can). Also, if you are of an age where it has become obvious that you need bifocals, but have been putting of the purchasing of bifocals because you are too busy to sit in the eye docs office, put down the sock in need of an afterthought heel until that doc visit. OY!

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