Friday, September 28, 2007

oh my

I have not been doing much knitting the past few days. It has been all spinning all the time. I seem to be a bit obsessed and can feel myself sliding down the slippery slope that leads to dyeing.
Here are a couple of rovings that arrived this week.
I am not sure what this braid and next are made of. The bag says 62% Australian Merino Top. Well, what else is in there? I would really like to know. It is spinning up quite differently than the 100% wool I have worked with in the past. This has shorter fibers and wants a LOT of twist. It would be a nice learning tool, if I knew what I was learning.
This is what I have been working on. No before picture. It went right from mailbox to spindle.
I do need to get back to knitting. Especially the brown socks for Husband. Why? Because I need the needles so that I can start this.
Oh my. Can you believe those colors. It is Fleece Artist and was part of a music & yarn swap. Mariposa spoiled me with this beautiful yarn, a great cd and lots of goodies from Canada. I can not wait to get started.
Tomorrow may provide lots of knitting time. I will be heading south for a Girl Scout Council meeting. We will be voting to merge councils. It is a big deal. Lots of changes ahead for all of us.
Oh, and last but not least.
September's Spunky Eclectic fiber selection. Merino & Tencel. Beautiful. I need to practice with merino/tencel before I dare to spin this beauty.

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