Thursday, September 6, 2007

different stripes

Tan asked how I made the lace cuffs stripe. (see yesterday's pic) Well, I would love to present you with a mathematical formula, instead I will present the backside.

No stripes. Only part of the cuff is striped, the rest is random. No control, no scientific method.

Lately I have been going to bed with the rest of the household and getting up around 5:30 when Husband leaves for work. When I get up early and "work", it is accompanied by tea and followed by a productive day. When I stay up late and do the same thing it is usually accompanied by wine and followed by a headache.

So what work have I gotten done this week? Writing, no. Picked out the spinning wheel of my dreams, yes. Mostly I have become very familiar with Ravelry. Its more fun than a slumber party!

Next week will be better, yes, next week I will get real work done, yes, next week.

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