Tuesday, September 11, 2007

goals, old & new

My back is achy this morning. Probably has something to do with packing up 25 tents yesterday. Today I have another 25 staring me in the face. Why? Well, The 3 Day Breast Cancer walk happened in Seattle last weekend. The walk people used 1400 tents to house everyone. They then very generously donated the pink tents to Girl Scouts. The plan was to pick up the tents at a park south of Seattle and take them to a Girl Scout camp where they would be given out throughout the year as needed. Except, the tents were packed up wet! So yesterday morning I ( and many other volunteers) drove out to camp, shoved 50 tents into the back of the van, brought them home and commenced drying.

My yard looked like a tent farm! If you see a picture of me in the newspaper being led away in cuffs, it will be because Edmonds has a 2 tent per lot ordinance and my neighbors have reported us for stupid things in the past. Fucking neighbors.

Onto happier thoughts...

Let's revisit the summer goal list.

Finish the current design and submit. done
Begin work on a new design. done
Finish the Faux Russian Stole. ha! may never be done
Learn to spin. done and in love
Learn to spin well enough to be able to give hand spun to my fellow fiber fiends as holiday gifts. my spinning is coming along great, but there is not enough of it to give away, maybe next year.
Lose 10 pounds by getting more exercise. done and I would like to keep going
Weed the front flower garden. done
Pots and plants for the deck. double done

Allrighty then, that feels pretty good.

Now for fall goals..

Put some fall color and spring bulbs into the front flower garden.
Finish painting the shelves.
Finish all knitted holiday gifts.
Spinning wheel.

I signed up for a writing/knitting challenge through Pens & Needles. Pens & Needles is a group on Ravelry. Of course I tweaked the challenge to fit. My end of September goal is to finish a chapter on the non-fiction and finish the Mariner socks. My reward is a new knitting bag.

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Tan said...

I'm glad you haven't given up on your wheel of dreams. The most important thing is NOT how it looks, but how it spins. I think the Golding wheels are really beautiful, but the one I tried out at MDS$W one year did not spin smoothly. Maybe you need to even try out the actual wheel you are going to buy. Although they can be adjusted some after the fact. Can you get to Woodland Woolworks or someplace like that to try it out?