Friday, August 17, 2007

oo oo that smell

My package from Green Mountain Spinnery did indeed arrive yesterday. The yarn is bulkier than I expected, but very nice color wise. This is the Organic Maine. I had originally ordered the Organic Vermont as suggested in the Tyrolean Sock pattern, but they were sold out.

When I reached into the envelope to pull out the yarn , my first thought was, "It's not soft, this is not yarn I would have brought home from the yarn store." Then the smell hit me. Without mentioning the smell I handed a skein to Youngest Daughter. She said "It smells like a petting zoo." She is right. I will not be able to work with this yarn until it is washed again, maybe multiple times, with smelly soap. I do not even have any smelly soap in the house, I do not like smelly soap, I will have to buy some to deal with this wool.

We are an environmentally aware family. We do all sorts of things that most people do not do just because we are ultra aware of our impact on the environment. This is organic wool, processed in an earth friendly way. But oo, the smell is way too much for this city girl.

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Tan said...

I normally like Green Mountain, but I have never had anything smelly from them. That's weird.