Thursday, August 16, 2007

once, twice, three times...

3 days. 3 FO's. Very satisfying. First up is Husband's Plain Ol' black socks.

Koigu, it took more than 2 skeins for his long feet.

Next are the Flap Top Mittens.

They were knit and reknit several times. It took me a while to get the flap top right.

They are made from Dream In Color, worsted weight. I used size 5 needles for the ribbing and 7's for the main body. LOVE, love, love this yarn.

And lastly.

This is Everlasting Peace. They are resolable! These took much longer than I expected. I really dislike color work and so would pick up any project other than these. This was my last UFO and could not be put off any longer. Glad they are done. STR lightweight, Fire on the Mountain and Sunstone.

I will put up patterns for the Flap Top Mittens and Everlasting Peace soon. Right now I hear the UPS truck in the neighborhood and a package from Green Mountain Spinnery will soon be at my door.

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