Tuesday, August 21, 2007

square peg

Does anyone else besides me remember the song from the Square Pegs sitcom?

In case you had not noticed, all of my blog titles are song titles. Bonus points if you can actually name the references. Some of them are pretty obscure. It is a running quiz in our house. Everything has a song. A few years ago the kids used to ask me to stop singing songs for every thing. Now they join in and it is great fun. There is a song for everything. Yes, everything. Potato chips? got it. Peaches, Volcanoes, I got it. "you got it?", I got it.

SSSHHHH! I used to be in the Music Industry. AAAHH, I can not believe I just shared that bit of information. It must be the vodka. Thank the Music Industry for the vodka dependence.

The yarn purchased for Tyrolean Socks does not want to be Tyrolean Socks. The pattern calls for this yarn to be knit on size 3's to get a gauge of 6 stitches per inch. After fighting for a couple of inches I said "uncle". I was using size 4 ebony! and could still feel the needles flexing during the stitch work. Size 4 ebony flexed! So the yarn will instead become a rug that lays in front of the sink, I will work it on size 10! needles. I am still in love with the Tyrolean sock pattern, but I will chose a different yarn. Maybe a Dream In Color, or a plain ol' Cascade 220.

I finished The Log Cabin socks this morning. Pics next week. This afternoon I realized that I am supposed to be blocking Oldest Daughters birthday shawl while she is in Disneyland. I will get that spread out on the bed first thing in the morning. I wish I could take pics. I will take pics after the fact and you will have to imagine it spread out, in all its glory across the mattress.

Holiday knitting is going really well. I have a skein of Mariner striped yarn to make into socks for Oldest Son, and Husband really wants of pair of Log Cabins for himself. That leaves a couple dragon scarves. SO doable. I have been squirreling away holiday knitting projects for months and it is paying off. Come Thanksgiving I will be all done and feeling good.


Tan said...

I get very few popular music references. Our family does "get it?" with movie themes and favorite TV shows. I think after my Jimmy Hendrix kick I didn't listen to any popular music that Paul didn't bring home (BeeGees, Olivia Newton-John). However, I was planning on a song title for my next post, so see if you're old enough to recognize mine!

Carrie said...

Square pegs, square pegs,
Square Square

Always never, quite right!

I love the Waitresses. I used to be in the music industry, too, and I try to use song lyrics for my blog titles. It must be a shared illness.